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Join us on the Leader Ship. Be a part of IYF World Camp.
Your contributions and support will both enhance our programming and help us build youths into selfless leaders the world sorely needs.

The Impact of Your Generosity
IYF World Camp currently serves over 35 countries in 41 separate events per year. Almost 1 million people have already attended since 2001. Through it, we’ve sent over 5000 volunteers to foreign countries, 560 medical volunteers who’ve treated 60,000 patients in developing countries, and almost 1000 volunteer ESL instructors who’ve taught English to 30,000 people in places like Russia, Mexico, and Haiti.
Young people are seeing prime opportunities to serve and become leaders through IYF.  This ripple effect is bringing about real, lasting change. We want you to be a part of it today.

About Your Contributions to IYF
100% of your monetary and/or material gifts go directly to IYF Ghana, a registered non-profit organization in Ghana, for the sole purpose of supporting IYF programs, including the IYF World Camp in Ghana.

All contributions are tax-deductible to the furthest extent allowed by law. IYF will provide an official receipt and a “thank you” letter per contribution for your tax purposes. In addition, IYF issues a post-World Camp activity report to all participating sponsors and donors.