Overcoming the Mind


Only when you overcome, will you be happy!

The limits we placed on ourselves prevent us from being useful to ourselves, friends, families, communities and the nations we belong to.

In IYF, through our mind training programs, we are exposed to a new way of understanding ourselves and the faith to overcome the challenges we so much dread.

Most often, the youth of today want to kill two birds with one stone; they want to live in pleasure and achieve their great dreams. The greatest challenge the youth are faced with is the lack of will power to be committed to their dreams.

At the core of their heart, the youth wish to be useful citizens. However, sensual pleasures compete with our interest to achieve our dreams. In most cases, sensual pleasures overpowers our interest to achieve our dreams though we wish to have had the ability to stay focus and see the fruition of our dreams.

The secret to realizing our dreams appeared simple; that is, the ability to overcome ourselves.

Through our mind training programs, the youth are taught the secret of opening their heart through interaction with others and other challenging programs. As a result, the youths receive a new strength in their hearts to overcome their challenges.

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