Arriving at the Point of Change


The world cries for positive change in every area of life.

From politics to morality. The response of governments is always policy. Even in the wealthiest countries in the world, their policies that seek to transform the lives of people keeps them in perpetual fear. So people do not experience true change in their lives.

Some resort to drugs, alcohol, women, video games, etc. others who become hopeless after failing to get the true change they so desire, they commit suicide. Scholars have failed the world with providing good measures that could bring lasting positive change. However, the way to change hides beneath our humanity: our hearts and minds.

IYF, through its mind and heart training programs, unveils the secret to living the positive changed life everyone desires. The change that happens in the heart holds the key to our happiness.

If positive change that brings fulfillment is what you desired, IYF is the enabling community for you.

Join the mind training program today!


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