How Can I Grow?



Have a growth mindset!

Just as growth happens and it’s sustained by eating a balanced diet on regular basis, IYF’s diverse programs and activities have served as the right mix of ingredients for growth.

These programs and activities gives the youth the opportunity to practice the skills of overcoming challenges, the mind-set and heart of change, and the ability to cohere. Here’re a few of them:

  • Overseas Voluntary Program
  • World Camps
  • Tomorrow’s Global Leaders Competition (TGLC)
  • Membership Trainings (MT)
  • Foreign Language Academies
  • Mind Lectures
  • Entrepreneurship Summits

Stagnation breeds corruption. So IYF acknowledges Growth as an essential component.

Positive growth breeds maturity, purity, sense of purpose and direction. It is at the growth stage that the evidence of the elements of change and cohesion are witnessed. The youths who have benefited from IYF’s right mix of ingredients of growth have become change agents and voices of hope in their endeavours.

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