Connecting the Hearts


To connect, we need cohesion.

Living together in harmony is a beautiful way of life. However, not many people find it easy living with others.

One reason we have a lot of people on earth is because of cohesion. But people who have not experienced true positive change of the heart cannot accept to dwell in harmony with others.


For cohesion to happen among people, they must learn to appreciate both the flaws and perfections of others. We have to see each other’s strengths as protective factors to our weaknesses. In order to do that, we need a new eye, the eye that sees the hidden gems in each other.

One sure way that the IYF nurture the spirit of cohesion among the youth is its team assignments. These team assignments give each youth the opportunity to see the potential in each other.

Cohesion does not mean having the same ideas or the same nature. It simply means having the ability work together for one course regardless of the individual differences.

With the rapid domination of technology in the world, youths are becoming more individualistic which makes them very unhappy in life.

IYF brings people from all walks of life—whether black, green, yellow, blue or white—to closely interact and work together in order to build an unprecedented environment for positive growth and development.

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